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Address: 59 Caistor Park Road, Stratford, London E15 3PS

Tel: 020 3737373774, Mobile: 07943 502660



Off the Plaistow High Road it’s closer to the Plaistow station District line and the Hammersmith and city line also 5mins drive from Stratford Station.


How to get to the setting by TFL

Buses from Stratford Station : 262,241,69,473 the bus stop is very close to the setting, or off the Port way Road and you can get the buses 104 & 238 from the Stratford Station: The following buses goes on the Plaistow High Road


  • 262 runs from Stratford to East Beckon
  • 241 runs from Stratford to canning Town
  • 69 runs from canning Town via Stratford to Walthamstow
  • 473 runs from Stratford to City Airport
  • 104 runs from Stratford to Manor Park
  • 238 runs from Stratford to Barking Garage
  • District line and the Hammersmith & city line to Plaistow station which is approximately five minutes’ walk to the setting.

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